Stranger Than Fact -
Tour Dates
May 15 San Francisco  Depth Charge Presents: DRAMA, Yawzea  (Sac) @ The Knockout
May 16 Los Angele TBD
May 17 San Diego   with Bastidas (LA) Flower Animals  and Contact @ SDCP DIY Venue
May 18 Tijuana with Bastidas (LA) and Bitch Cramps @ Lycanthro
May 19 Los Angeles with Bastidas and Contact @ John Einhorn Booking TBD
May 20 Phoenix  with TBD, TBD at Cardiff
May 21  Albuequerque with Rue Badly, The Ordinary Things,  & August Packard @ Moonlight
May 22 Tucson w/ TBD, TBD at Thunder Canyon Brewery
May 23 Tempe with  Echo Bombs, Ancient Egypt and TBD @ Time Out Lounge
May 24 Reno with TBD, TBD @ Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor
May 25 Tahoe with TBD, TBD @ Whiskey Dicks
May 27 Sacramento TBD
May 28 Rogue Valley w/ Spicy When Naked, Death Plant, & Montmany Shrieks @ Johnny B's
May 29 Olypmia TBD
May 30 Tacoma TBD
May 31 Seattle w/ Shower Scum, Double or Muffin, TBA @ Lucky Liquor
June 1 Portland with Havania Whaal and Miss Rayon, TBA @ House show
June 2 Eugene w/ TBD @ Spectrum
June 3 Eurkea w/ Sue and the Namies, Clean Girl & The Dirty Dishes @ Siren's Song Tavern
June 5 Oakland w/ False Figure, Silent Era, Jesus Dude Mom @ Elbo Room
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Past Shows:
Jan 13 (Jacob on kit) at Soltree Alchemy Oakland, CA
Jan 20 (Roary on kit) at Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA

Jan 26 at Oakland Secret Femme Fest (Kayla on kit) fb event here
Jan 24 at Siren's Song Tavern with Muppet Hunter and Ultramafic
Jan 12 at El Rio with !Las Pulgas! 
Feb 1 at Thrillhouse Records SF accoustic solo set fb event here
Feb 8 at Knockout SF (Kayla on kit!) fb event here 
Feb 22 at 5 Star Downtown with Houston and the Dirty Rats
Feb 24 in Vacaville, CA with Back on Your Feet and Cel Damage
March 6 at Knockout SF with Nopes, Just Busted and Squishers
March 10 at Golden Bull (Kayla on kit) fb event here with Dirty Denim and Leftover Bowlskies
March 30 The Caravan, San Jose (Kayla on kit) with The Folke Wolves
March 31 San Francisco at Neck of the Woods (Eric on Kit)
April 2 Olympia, WA  (Sean on Kit) with Funny Face House Tour
April 3, Tacoma, WA ( Sean on Kit) House party with Funny Face House Tour
April 21, Oakland, CA (Kayla on Kit) at the Meadow House with The Pathogens and The Has Beens
April 28 Benders Bar and Grill, SF with Dog and the Parasites and Clashing Steel
May 4, Oakland, CA at the White Horse (Sean on Kit) with Chrysanthineum and Radio 
May 22 Solo Set at ThrillHouse Records, SF with Jen (Hammerbombs) and Yotam (Israeli) 
June 3 Solo set at Uptown Oakland
Sept 28 Solo set at Hotel Utah, SF
Oct 20 (Kayla on Kit) at People's Park Benefit, Berkeley, CA
Dec 14 (Kayla on kit) at Dildo Factory, Berkeley, CA with Under 15 Seconds and 2 Lazy Boys

Nov 5 San Francisco, Brick and Morter Music Hall with The Fix-Ups (Melbourne), See Night, Baby Dumpling
Nov 11  Davis at the Morgue
Nov 17 Eugene, OR, (with Kayla) Girls Rock Festival at Axe and Fiddle
Nov 18 Eugene, OR (with Kayla) Girls Rock Festival 
Oct 21 San Francisco Clarion Alley Music Festival (with Kayla) Mission Stage
Oct 19 Oakland, CA (with Kayla) at Oakland Secret, Saucy Yoda and Stretch Panic Trans Justice Fundraiser and Femme Fest
Oct 15 San Francisco (with Kayla) // Havania Whaal (PDX) // The Mud Lords // 
             George Crustanzia
Sept 26 Oakland, CA  (With Harrison) at Octopus with Scorn Dog (Sea) and Item Finder (Sea) and
Sept 8 Seattle, WA at Highline with Choke the Pope, Nahtzee Bonnie, and Surburban Vermin 
Sept 10 Olympia, WA with Heat Shimmer and Cedar Sap at Obsidean 
Sept 12 Tacoma, WA at Tacoma Real Art with Bath Toys, Planet of Giants, and I'm Not Me
Sept 12 Tacoma, WA at Funny Face House with FFH Band, Howardian, Ben Wildenhaus
Sept 15 Portland, OR at The Last Celebrity with Dim Wit and Another Afternoon
Sept 16 Redmond, OR at Di Pizza 9pm $6 All Ages with Exulansis and Corvus
Sept 18 Medford, CA at Johnny B's with El Chapo and LunaLove
Sept 19 Eureka, CA at Siren's Song with Dead Drift and Droll Weasel 
August 11 Oakland, CA (with Phil Thee) with Girl Fry and Wee Peevers at Octopus Saloon
August 12 Oakland, CA (with Kayla) at Night Light with Cauche Mar (New Orleans)
                    and  Evers (Cauche Mar) and Turquoiz Noiz
August 19 Oakland, CA  (with Phil Thee) at DiaL-uP with Smokers, Teenage Sex, and No/Ya
July 10 SF (with Kayla)  at El Rio with Hera Has a Heart and Periwinkle
July 14 SF at Hotel Utah (with Phil Thee) w/  Lucien Dante and Adam Knight $10
July 1 Brooklyn, NY (solo set) with Adir L.C. at Main Drag Music
April 23 Arcata Yellow House with Ultramafic and Hideous Lover
April 24 Medford at Johnny B's with El Chapo and Scott Garriott
April 25 Portland at Annares  w/ Millstone Grit, Kids Table, and TBA
April 26 Tacoma House Party with Japanther / Howardian and Pathogens (SEA)
April 27 Olympia at La Voyeur with Heat Shimmer and Cedar Sap
April 28 Seattle mystery show!
April 29 Portland at Lombard Pub with Anther and Manglor Mountain--CANCELLED
April 30 Eugene at The Boreal with Kerosine Tree, Raincheck and Schuss--CANCELLED
May 16 Oakland, CA with Be Quiet and Breatherrr at Oakland.Secret
May 11 Sacramento, CA (with Phil Thee) with Mondo Deco and Celestions
April 22, Oakland, CA (with Phil Thee) at Oakland secret with AJ Froman
March 30-Oakland, CA (with Roary) at  Golden Bull w/ Los Sirenas  Mr. Wrong (PDX) and MoonSwell
March 23 Oakland, CA (with Eric) at Night Light with Bloody Death Skull and Skookum
March 20 SF, CA (with Roary)  and Mutt at El Rio
March 4 Berkeley, CA Starry Plough:Benefit FoodNotBombs w/ Diagonal Mints and Future Twin
Feb 28 Modesto, CA at the shire with Trunk Weed

Dec 24 Berkeley, Live on KALX 90.7 (with Ibby) with DJ Penny Royal and Free Guns
Dec 10 SF, CA (With Roary) at Thee Parkside with The Big Forgive, Love Songs and Old Pal
Nov 18 Sacramento, CA (with Eric) at Naked Lounge with Samantha Valentine and Emma Simpson
Nov 5 Oakland, CA(With Kayla) at Myns Warehouse with Maya Songbird , Spray Tan, Butanna
Nov 3 SF, CA  (With Kayla) with PLEASURES (Florida) and Carnivorous Cunts, Bebop and rocksteady
Oct 31 Eureka, CA  (with Jacob) at The Palm Lounge with Blood Queen and Dead Drift
Oct 29 Medford, OR (with Jacob) at Johnny B's with Slow Poisoner and Shanoa
Oct 28 Portland, OR (with Jacob) at the Firkin Tavern with Stunning Rayguns and S.O.S
Oct 27 Olympia, WA (with Jacob) @ Le Voyeur with 99% and Hats and Glasses
Oct 26 Tacoma, WA (with Jacob) at a Basement Party with Turquoiz Noiz, 
Oct 21 Portland, OR (with Jacob) at Foggy Notion with Slutty Hearts and Love, Fuck
Oct 7 in Oakland (w/ Kayla) @ Sgraffitto w/ Teenage Sex,  Apogee Sound Club, Bebop & Rock Steady
Oct 5 in Modesto, CA with Killah Wail, and TBA
August 5 Oakland, CA Stork Club with Neon Junkie, Van Goat and Burlesque Show
July 16  Oakland, CA  Starline Social Club with Future Twin and Mondo Deco
July 22, Ruth Lake, CA At Journey's End with The Mother Vines and Shithawks (Reunion)
July 2, Davis, CA @ The Morgue with Fugue State, Dream Supreme, and Killer Wail
July 1, Paradise, CA Kings Tavern
April 19 Arcata, CA at Blondies Cafe with Mean and Yucky // Cross Contamination 
April 21 Olympia Washington at La Voyeur with Glasses and Hats//  
April 23 Seattle, WA with Vanity Mirrors // Tres Leches at the Victory Lounge 
 April 25 Eureka, CA with the Mother Vines // Strix Vega at Lil Red Lion 
March 18 The Hatch, Oakland with Adam Balbo, Sandroz, and Stray Eras 

Dec 4  Oakland, CA Stork Club with Jenny Vee and DJ Foxy Newport
Dec 2  San Francisco, CA, Elbo Room with The Jerfs and Unlikely Heroes
Nov 6  San Francisco, CA, Make-out Room with Cash For Gold 
Oct 23 Oakland, CA, Awaken Cafe 9pm with Ted The Block and Haunted Ghost Town
Oct 19 Arcata, CA, Lil Yellow House w/ the Mother Vines and Stand Still 
Oct 18 Hood River, OR, River City Saloon
Oct 17 Seattle, WA, Victory Lounge, w/ Screaming Multitudes and Vanity Mirrors
Oct 14 Portland, OR Ash St Saloon w/ Olivia Awbrey and The Zygotes 
Oct 12 Eureka, CA, Lil Red Lion w/ Jacob Lopez and Kayla Billos
Oct 07 San Francisco, CA, Bottom of the Hill w/ Sad Tires and Trip Wire 
Oct 01 Oakland, CA Rooz Cafe w/ The Underwoman and the Believers and Open Mic
Sept 18 San Francisco, CA, El Rio w/ The Go Ahead
Sept 4  Oakland, CA, Stork Club First Fridays
Aug 21 Radio interview with 90.5FM WBER Rochester, NY at 8am
Aug 21 Rochester, NY, Monty's Krown w/ The Subterraneans and Bobby Maville
July 27 Eureka, CA, Siren's Song w/ K&C Garbage Factory (with Jacob Lopez on drums!)
July 25 Ruth Lake, CA, Journey's End Resort w/ Jacob Lopez
July 24 Dinsmore, CA, Trailer Park w/ Mallory Penzotti 
July 10 Davis, CA,(with Kayla)  "The Morgue" w/ Floral, C.J. Boyd, Oort Cloud
June 12 San Francisco, CA, (with Kayla) Star and Plough w/ Jessica Malone and Olivia Awbrey

March 19 Oakland, CA (with Jacob) Uptown with Syren's Element and Reishi

Mar 25 San Francisco, CA, (with Jacob) El Rio, w/ The Quiet is Kept, and FayRoy
Mar 09 Oakland, CA, (with Jacob) Awaken Cafe, w/ Inner Ear Brigade and Voyaj 
Feb 20 Oakland, CA, (with Jacob) Stork Club, w/ Surgeon Generals and FayRoy
Feb 03 Oakland, CA, (with Jacob) Post Superbowl party in west Oakland with DIYSF Crew
Jan 20 San Francisco, CA, (with Jacob) DNA Lounge Battle of the Bands
Jan 16 San Francisco, CA, (with Jacob) Hotel Utah w/ Guy Fox and Brolly
Dec 06 SF, CA (with Jacob) Neck of the Woods w/ Dirty Cello, The Quiet is Kept, and Mick Greenwood 
Dec 02 San Francisco, CA (with Jacob) Battle of the Bands at DNA Lounge
Sept 22 Eureka, CA, (with Jacob) Pelitron Music Festival w/ Little Still not Big Enough, Wretched       
Animals, Tabor Mountain, and Telefawn
June 02 Benbow, CA, (with Jacob) Humboldt Summer Music and Arts Festival
April 11 Eureka, CA, (with Jacob) Ink People's Annex in Eureka, CA
Mar 03 Petrolia, CA, (with Jacob) Cabaret
Jan 01 Eureka, CA  (With Jacob) Tony's New Years Day hungover extravaganza

09.19 Arcata, CA, Blondies w/ Orphan In the Afterlife
10.16 Rochester, NY, Boulder Coffee
05.07 Eureka, CA, Lil Red Lion w/ Small Axe
01.17 Eureka, CA, Lil Red Lion w/ Mr. Moonbeam