Stranger Than Fact -

Lil Red Lion, Eureka, CA 4.25.16 (with Ibby Freeman)

Blondies, Arcata CA 4.20.16 (with Jacob Lopez)

Awaken Cafe, Oakland, CA 10.23.15 (with Eric Evert)

Little Yellow House, Arcata, CA 9.19.15 (with Kayla Billos)

Victory Lounge, Seattle, WA 10.17.15 (With Kayla Billos)

Ash St Saloon, Portland, OR 10.14.15 (With Kayla Billos)

Lil Red Lion, Eureka, CA 10.14.15 (With Jacob Lopez)

Stork Club Oakland, CA 9.04.15 (With Kayla Billos)

Rooz Cafe Oakland, CA 08.15.15

Strawberry Music Fest Camp Mather, CA 06.8.15

Stork Club Oakland, CA 02.20.13 (With Jacob Lopez)

DNA Lounge San Francisco, CA 01.20.15 (With Jacob Lopez)

Long Haul Berkeley,CA 01.11.15 (With Jacob Lopez)

Neck of the Woods, San Francisco, CA 12.06.12 (With Jacob Lopez)

DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA 12.02.12 (With Jacob Lopez and Sara Lopez)

Pelitron Music Fest Eureka, CA 9.22.2012 (With Jacob Lopez)

Humboldt Summer Music and Arts Festival Benbow, CA 05.02.12 (With Jacob Lopez)

Ink People's Annex Eureka, CA 4.11.12 (With Jacob Lopez)

Beltramo's New Years Day Extravaganza Eureka, CA 01.01.12 (With Jacob Lopez)

Boulder Coffee, Rochester, NY 10.16.11

Impartial Martial Law music video shoot Eureka, CA 03.05.11

Lil Red Lion Eureka, CA 05.07.11

Lil Red Lion Eureka, CA 01.17.11

Lake Placid Brewery Plattsburgh, NY 12.03.05 (With Pangea)

Land Trust Saranac, NY Spring 2004 (With Mike Dickman)