Stranger Than Fact -

Stranger than Fact is Xaina and various drummers residing in the whereabouts of Northern Cali

Xaina plays with a variety of drummers and has an originality and characterizing noise all her own. Kicking back in Oakland, (but from NY, Seattle, Eureka) She fuses classical piano with futuristic synths to make erratic heartbeats. Looping, distorted accoustic guitar, keys, screaming vocals together to create unique symphonies that are built live at every performance. 

Kayla Billos from Oakland is a force not to be reckoned with. An intensely fast and precise drummer with tom fills that make air scared. Yes, Air. She is a hardcore person with an incredible attitude and lust for life. She is hard driving on the kit and in life in everyway.

Jacob Lopez of Eureka, CA is a perididle professional. He knows just how to dig into pockets that you didn't even know was there. He understands the ghost notes between so well and has such a creative and unique style all his own. He's pretty effin' cool. This fall he'll be  on Stranger than Fact, original lineup fantasy tour.  We're all excited here down at the office!!

Past Drummers in The Project: Sean Colvin, Rat Trap, Eric Everett, Phil Thee and  Ibby Freeman